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Meet 23-years-old Arinze Stanley Who Makes Pencil Drawings Like Real Life Images



Arinze Stanley is an amazing artist whose art works speaks volumes. His drawings look so real you would think it was a photograph.

Born on November 20, 1993, Stanley has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He is a pencil artist working in the genre of Hyperrealism.

The Imo state indigene who resides in Lagos never had any training in the art of drawing. He trained himself to become the amazing artist that he is today.

“I took a while to discipline myself in the craft as I spent sleepless nights training myself to become better at what I do. I never had any form of training from anyone.” Stanley draws close-up portraits of human faces using both charcoal and graphite pencils. He also experiments with other techniques like cross hatching and scribbling.

Check out some utterly amazing pencil works that look like a photo from a 4K camera.

1. Look at the water on the face. Too much talent!

When the well is dry, we will know the value of water #worldwaterday #blackvalues #art #repost

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2. This hair was made with pencil.

3. His own drawing is shocked at what his master can do.

4. The beauty is in the detail.

5. See art!

6. OK, now this is just too much to handle.

7. This looks like a real photo from a camera turned black and white but it’s not.

8. Of course, he created his president.

9. Most patient person ever! See the hair.

Charles. 2015 #Completed #art #illustration #pencil #pastel #potrait #realism #artwork #charcoal @blaq_khalifa

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10. How he does it.

Custom made tortillions… I make mine.. Learn how to make yours… #creativelife #tortillions

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Source: Naija News