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Comedian Arrested For Mocking Lord’s Chosen Pastor




Naija Craziest, a fast-rising comedy group, have been arrested for mocking members and pastor of the popular, Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries in their latest skit.

Members of the Naija Craziest comedy group; Mc Toothpick, Laff Mayor, Mc Tutalk and Mc Samorano, were reportedly arrested by the police in Lagos for their part in the production of a video skit tagged Naija’s Craziest – Episode 144, which is available on Youtube.

The comedians were apprehended after their video went viral and are currently cooling in Panti waiting due charges laid against them.

The YouTube video shared footages of Lord’s Chosen members dancing and rolling themselves in the mud while worshiping God, with the caption; “When members of a church think that an apron is powerful enough to protect them, they will roll in the mud and confront armed robbers.”

Thereafter, it opens, showing a group of Christian worshippers, presumably members of the church, wearing olive green aprons and singing loudly and dancing in a muddy street. One of them, a male, rolls on the ground and in a pool of muddy water that lies between the camera and the singing mass.

While the scene continues to run in the background, the comedians appear on the screen, one after another and criticise members of the church for their conduct in public. Beginning with Mc Toothpick, they attack the latter for “preaching and constituting a nuisance” to the public.

In the video, Mc Tutalk mocks further, insinuating a plot to deceive the members of the church with the idea of a spiritual and protective apron that sells for N1000 each. According to him, if all the members, numbering 200,000, buy an apron each, the total sum realized would be N200 million.

The case was reported to the police, and members of the group arrested after the attention of the church and its G.O were brought to the viral video.

The comedy group formally announced the arrest of its members on its Facebook page disclosing that the arrested comedians were being detained at the state Criminal and Investigative Department in Panti and urged fans of the comedy group to share the post.

Naija Craziest Facebook statement reads; “We would like to inform our fans concerning the arrest of the Naija’s Craziest Crew by the state CID Panti. The arrest came as a result of a report filed by the Lords Chosen Church G.O. over a comedy video satirising the church members rolling in the mud.”

The group further described the arrests as an attack on the comedians’ rights to freedom of speech, stating thus; “It is amazing that you can be arrested over a comedy video that has a disclaimer at the beginning.”

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