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Buy, Sew or Rent? Lady Who Spent $3000 on Wedding Dress Narrates Terrible Experience with Designer




Here is what she ordered

Every bride pictures herself as the image of perfection as she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress to meet the man of her dreams. But what happens when instead of the beautiful creation you imagined, you end up with this?

The bride in the $3000 wedding dress

The Miami-based bride above who will be getting married in about two weeks, December 18, narrated her ordeal with an ‘African’ designer (name withheld) and most of all her disappointment after she spent a whooping $3000 on a gown. Huge Fail!

Read her Story.
“This message may not be the regular email that you get but I feel compelled and I would like for someone to hear my story and even if there’s no help that comes through at least it could prevent someone from going through what I am going through. My name is K and I truly am in love with the African culture and think you guys are extremely talented. After following so many talented African on Insnewsram I have decided to go with (name of designer) for my dress. I have initially contacted her in June and explained to her that my wedding was in December. She gave me in peace of mind and ensure me that there were nothing for me to worry about and I would get my dress the first week of September. I did not receive the dress until the last week of October and it did not fit at all so I had to send it back. I sent the dress back and she somehow patched it up with no care and sent it back to me a month later. On November 29th I received the dress, just two weeks before my wedding and it still did not fit me. Mind you, that is two weeks before my wedding (Dec 18). I have spent over $3000…”

While many have requested that the designer’s identity be revealed so that others can avoid a similar fate, some are trying to guess who the culprit could be while others have proffered the solution of buying or renting another one

All this makes it necessary to ask, with the rise in cases of designers disappointing brides, what is the more preferable option? Buy a gown, rent one or sew?

Many brides want to feel special on their day and many, if they can afford it, would not want to rent a wedding dress especially because it has been worn by another person. Africans especially seem to have a bias against renting a wedding dress for the big day.

However, the merits of this option may make you reconsider. For one, it’s usually cheaper, saves the stress of back and forth correspondence with a designer, and you can try it on there and then.

For folks who opt for buying, this is usually a lot more expensive than renting, but you get to pick your perfect dress, and it saves you ‘tailor stress’. If there’s need for minor adjustment to be made, you have ample time to get that sorted.

However, most brides want to come out in customised wedding dresses made specifically for that occasion. If this is done right, it is a beautiful experience as the dress is made to suit the bride’s specification. However, this option is laden with the stress of numerous fittings and is usually very expensive.

So, in the face of this type of drama, which option would you go for?



Olawale Adeniyi Journalist | Content Writer | Proofreader and Editor.

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