London Police Intensify Search for Suspect in Clapham Chemical Attack

In a significant development in the hunt for the suspect behind a harrowing chemical attack in Clapham, London, police have intensified their efforts, releasing new video footage and images. The attack, which left a mother critically injured and her two daughters with less severe injuries, has shocked the community and spurred a widespread investigation involving five properties across London and Newcastle.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, the man at the center of the search, is believed to have inflicted life-changing injuries on the 31-year-old woman using a corrosive substance. The incident occurred on Lessar Avenue at 19:25 GMT on Wednesday, with the aftermath capturing public and police attention alike. The attack not only endangered the lives of the family involved but also resulted in injuries to bystanders and responding officers.

A man was seen fleeing the scene and a police helicopter was used on Wednesday night to search for him. (PA MEDIA)

As part of the investigation, police discovered containers with corrosive labels during a search, raising fears about the nature of the substances involved. The Metropolitan Police’s appeal for information has led to numerous tips from the public and the execution of searches at two addresses in East London and three in Newcastle, where forensic tests are underway to identify the substance used.

Ezedi, 35, who is reported to have sustained significant facial injuries, was last seen entering King’s Cross underground station, triggering a manhunt across the capital. Metropolitan Police Commander Jon Savell has issued a direct appeal to Ezedi, urging him to surrender to authorities.

The community’s response to the attack was immediate, with three women and a man attempting to thwart the assailant’s escape, leading to a brief vehicle collision and Ezedi fleeing on foot towards Clapham Common. The bravery displayed by members of the public and the police has been commended, with those affected receiving medical treatment for minor burns.

Suspect Abdul Ezedi was last seen in North London (Metropolitan Police/PA)

The background of Ezedi, revealed to have arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in 2016 and later convicted of a sexual offence in 2018, adds complexity to the case. Despite his criminal history, Ezedi was granted asylum after a failed application and a conversion to Christianity, a decision now under scrutiny in light of the recent attack.

Local residents and those who knew Ezedi expressed shock at the allegations, describing him as a hardworking individual with aspirations of marriage and a peaceful life in the UK. As the police continue their search, the community remains on high alert, with Commander Savell cautioning the public against approaching the suspect and advising to call 999 if sighted.

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