Israel Plans Gaza Buffer Zone Amid Escalating Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

Israel has heightened its military action in Gaza, signaling a drastic escalation in the long-standing conflict. Following a seven-day truce’s collapse, Israeli forces intensified attacks in southern Gaza, particularly targeting Khan Younis, where thousands of civilians had sought refuge from northern regions. The renewed offensives, involving ground, air, and naval strikes on over 400 targets, have exacerbated a dire humanitarian situation, with the Hamas-run Ministry of Health reporting over 190 deaths and hundreds injured​​.

The United Nations has termed the situation in Gaza a ‘hell on Earth,’ with spokesperson Jens Laerke highlighting the immense suffering of families and the acute emergency services crisis. UN aid chief Martin Griffiths emphasized the absence of safe havens for Gaza’s children, women, and men amid the ongoing violence​​.

GAZA CITY, GAZA – NOVEMBER 28: Gazans displaced due to Israeli attacks move towards the southern Gaza Strip through roads determined by the Israeli army as ‘safe passage corridor’ in Gaza City, Gaza on November 28, 2023. (Photo by Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Israel’s aggressive stance follows an incident on October 7, wherein it accuses Hamas of killing approximately 1,200 people and taking 240 hostages. This has led to widespread destruction in Gaza, with Palestinian health authorities reporting the death of over 15,000 Gazans, including 6,150 children. Despite Qatar’s mediation efforts to restore peace, Israel’s continued bombardments have complicated negotiations​​.

In a strategic move, Israel has proposed creating a buffer zone along Gaza’s border to avert future attacks. This plan has been communicated to neighboring Arab states, including Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. This development comes amid increasing hostilities on Israel’s borders with Syria and Lebanon, with Syrian air defenses countering Israeli rocket attacks near Damascus and reported casualties from Israeli shelling in southern Lebanon​​.

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