Calgary Police Officer Shot, One Suspect Dead in Northeast Calgary

A Calgary Police Service (CPS) officer was shot during the execution of a high-risk search warrant in the northeast community of Falconridge on Wednesday afternoon.

At approximately 1 p.m., police officers were in the 5700 block of Falsbridge Drive N.E., attempting to arrest an individual in a parking lot when “gunfire was exchanged,” resulting in the officer and one suspect being shot. The suspect was declared dead at the scene, while another suspect suffered minor injuries and was taken into police custody.

Acting Deputy Chief Cliff O’Brien said during a press conference that “the suspects were previously involved in other firearms-related offences,” which led to the presence of the CPS tactical unit during the incident. O’Brien declined to provide further details as the investigation is ongoing but confirmed that multiple police officers from different units and several civilians witnessed the events.

O’Brien emphasized the dangers faced by police officers, stating, “Our members engage in dangerous situations all the time, that is part of being a police officer.”

The injured officer, an 11-year member of the CPS, was taken to hospital in stable condition and was later released. CPS has not disclosed the name of the officer or the unit he belongs to.

“No police officer starts their shift hoping for this type of incident. Nobody starts their shift hoping that a member of the public is dead at the end of an interaction,” O’Brien said.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has been called in to investigate the incident.

Another suspect suffered minor injuries in the altercation with police and is in custody. (Photo courtesy Postmedia)

Michael Awad, a resident in the area, was driving to visit a friend when he received a call from his mother about the incident. Awad told Global News he saw “over 100 cars and police” at the scene as he made his way home.

“We just want safety. Everyone should be free to walk around and enjoy life, not stay at home. These are the last few days of good weather,” Awad said.

Another resident, Heiliekal Sidhu, was coming home when she witnessed the shooting.

“I was really scared,” Sidhu said. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

O’Brien expressed confidence that charges will be laid against the suspect in custody, adding, “We’ll have more information for you in the next couple of days.”

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