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What comes to mind if we talk about Veterinary or doctors. Some of us will say that it is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animals. And doctors are those people who will help cure endangered animals. But the main point is not about the description of the vet, rather we will be discussing the Youtube Channel, the vet ranch focused on spreading awareness of various homeless and also dangerous animals.

In addition to the Vet Ranch, there may be different websites, organizations that provide information on endangered species or animals. But, the channel that has been broadcasting about medical treatment for homeless animals and recusing animals from dangerous situations has become more popular. Scroll down to find out more about the ‘Vet Ranch’ and its missions.

Vet Ranch: Introduction and Creators

Vet Ranch is a veterinary clinic that Dr. Matt Carriker purchased from his father, Dr. Lee Carriker. In addition, he founded a non-profit organization by the name in February 2014. The organization is made up of a group of veterinarians who rescued and treated shelter and street animals from danger. Additionally, Carriker has created the other two YouTbe channels: DemolitionRanch and OffTheRanch.

Additionally, Dr. Matt has also created a YouTube channel ‘ @Vet Ranch ‘ on Jan 27, 2014. The channel has 2.86 million subscribers with over 381 million views. The doctor further added that the creation of the channel aims to spread awareness of many homeless animals who are in search of medical attention. In addition, he also provides information on his treatment, from diagnosis to vaccination and prevention of insects such as parasites and heartworms.

Vet Ranch: mission, adoptions, help

Its mission is dedicated to providing medical treatment to homeless animals and also to pass on their inspiring stories. The organization also works diligently to rehabilitate abused, abandoned, and homeless animals so they can be adopted into new homes. To date, the team has rescued many animals and provided shelters to decrease the number of animals that are treated or cured.

The Texas-based nonprofit increased medical expenses through donations and ads on the Vet Ranch YouTube channel. The desired people who want to donate and adopt those homeless animals can visit the website .


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