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NaijaNews cookie policy

A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website that you visit. They are used for various reasons such as saving your search preferences, helping you to register for our services or providing you with targeted advertising.

Thus, the cookies allow you to facilitate your visit on our website and they help to meet your expectations.
You can view and manage cookies in your browser including blocking or deleting them completely, please refer to your browser manufacturer’s help documentation on how to do this.

The following list of cookies is currently used on the website:

Naijanews’ own cookies

Preferences`EN_lang`Memorizes the default language of the user.1 year
`EN_textSize`Memorizes text size preference on articles.Session
`EN_meteo`Memorizes text size preference on articles.1 year
`EN_meteo_fc`Memorizes user’s favorite unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit) on the Weather pages.1 Year
Process`EN_poll_{pollid}`Memorizes user’s answer to a poll.1 Year
Session`EN_lgn`Memorizes user’s data for connection to the Naijanews Community1 Year

Third party cookies on Naijanews website

Google Analytics__utmaCollect information about how our visitors use our website. The data collected is in anonymous form and we use it to produce reports which help us to improve the website.2 Years
__utmb30 Mins
__utmz6 Months
comScore Sitestat analyticsS1Cookie set by Sitestat for the purposes of tracking site usage.5 Years
scorecardresearchUIDRUsed to help with the collection of Internet web browsing data on specific websites that have enrolled in a broad market research effort by comScore, Inc. to create reports on Internet behavior and trends.2 Years
UID2 Years
FacebookdatrThese cookies, provided by Facebook, are set when a visitor is logged in to or otherwise using their service. This allows a user to easily comment or share an article with their peers through the social network.2 Years
locale3 Days
Twittertwitter_sessUsed in conjunction with the Twitter social plugins in order to allow following our Twitter accounts easily, share content via Twitter, and to display the latest tweet. Twitter makes use of cookies to improve its own service as well.Session
AddThis__atuvcUsed in conjunction with the AddThis button to enable you to share our content through email, social networking sites, blogs and more.Session
di2 Years
dt1 Month
ssc2 Years
ssh1 Year
sshs1 Year
uid2 Years
uit1 Day
user_segment1 Month
Projekktorqwprojaaekktor_volumeUsed to store user’s information and settings for the projekktor html 5 video player.1 year
smartadserverTestIfCookiePSmartAdServer is a remote ad serving system. Sites and Advertisers are using the system to manage the delivery of their online advertising campaigns. They can collect anonymous statistical data on their visitors to follow the delivery of their campaign and to increase their performance.2 Years
pdomid2 Years
pid2 Years
pbwmaj61 Month
pbw2 Years
dyncdn1 Day
mediamindebNewBandWidth_Collect information that may be used for online ad tailoring purposes.1 Year
Google Inc – Doubleclick__gadsThese cookies are used by Google AdSense DoubleClick for online advertising frequency capping and avoiding the duplication of ads on a page.2 Years
id2 Years
_drt_1 Day