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Vince Sant – Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Body Net Worth




A Vince Sant shirtless represents a perfect body ensemble, the type that most men and women who love men with hard bodies dream of. However, the physical trainer and model had not always packed his bags, in fact he had been forced to quit his football team as a student because he was considered too skinny and lacked stamina for this sport. Vince, unwilling to give in, decided to change his story from a skinny boy to a sturdy, well-built man with all the contours and chiseled abs in place. He was able to do this through vigorous physical training and dieting.

To ensure that those in need of fitness tips and plans get the very best, Vince Sant co-founded an online fitness brand known as V Shred. His popularity is on the rise as he seems to know his onions and fitness enthusiasts can’t get enough of his tantalizing images.

Vince Sant’s Biography, Age

The fitness expert was born on December 31, 1993, in Ohio. His parents, Roxanne and Eric, raised him alongside two sisters, Cassie and Zoe. While attending Fairmont High School located in Kettering, Ohio, Vince was active in sports, especially soccer. However, lacking enough body mass to excel in the sport, he was forced to give it up but made up his mind to build his body to an admirable extent. There is no record of his college degree and even if he did, his career as a certified trainer and model took center stage in his life.

He uploads fitness tips and tutorial videos on several social media platforms, including his YouTube channel dubbed V Shred. His videos have been useful to many people who do not give any details to testify at the slightest opportunity. To prove his fitness relevance, his YouTube channel, launched on January 25, 2015, has racked up over 76.8 million views as of July 2019. Thanks to the helpful videos he shares, the channel has over 1 .1 million loyal subscribers. He posts three videos on the channel each week. As you would expect from an internet sensation, Vince Sant has also spread his popularity to other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Instagram, Vince regularly serves spicy photos of himself to his over 639k followers while on Twitter and Facebook, he has 14.1k followers and 12.8k followers, respectively. It also has a website – where fitness plans are sold and training sessions are offered to visitors.

Net value

Considering the number of followers he has on different social media platforms, Vince Sant has made a fortune by keeping fit. His net worth is estimated at $5 million, the bulk of which comes from his internet career. His large following attracts advertisers to his social media pages and he also has his own products, mostly sold on At the moment, his stock consists of a custom-made t-shirt, hoodies as well as different types of accessories. Retailing for between $20 and $50, the items are usually sold out in no time.

Who is Vince Sant’s girlfriend?

Vince and his girlfriend Ashley Rossi are perfect photogoals. Also a fitness model and social media influencer, the Italian-American beauty runs a clothing line known as CURRENT and she designed the clothing company herself. She uses her college degree wisely, as she studied and earned a degree in business administration and majored in fashion design. She also comes from a family of entrepreneurs which helped her become more interested in the business world.

Setting relationship goals, Vince and his girlfriend lift the bars every time they take to social media with their photos or videos. They are often seen together at the gym and train as a couple. Their fans have nothing but admiration for what they share.

Vince Sant’s height, measurements

The first striking feature that you would notice about Vince Sant is his height which is an inch above 6 feet. His weight is not known but his height measures 30 inches while his perfectly ripped body says a lot about the rest of his body, measurements which he has not made public.

To complement her beauty, her hazel eyes are matched with her brown hair. Undoubtedly, his well-defined features and the fact that he flaunts it without excuses attract more fans.

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