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Joana Pak – Biography, Facts, All About Steven Yeun’s Wife




It’s not unheard of these days that some people become celebrities overnight because of who they had a relationship with. That’s not to say these people don’t have careers of their own, but the tremendous exposure they get as a result of their new high-profile relationship often overshadows anything they’ve been doing since the beginning of their lives. It is for this reason that Joana Pak, the wife of a famous Korean-American actor Steven Yeun, is someone many people know today.

In this article, we will serve you everything we know about Joana, including the details of her marital relationship with The Walking Dead actor. Maybe in the end, you might have a new and different opinion of her, aside from everything you already know about her – as the wife of a successful actor.

Joana Pak Bio

Joana Pak is a first-generation Americanfamily, she was born on October 21, 1983 in Arkansas. Her parents are Korean immigrants to the United States who immigrated shortly after their marriage. In her family, Joana is not the only child as she has a sister named Kayle Pak. The sisters were raised in America by their parents.

It is not known where Joana attended high school, but we know for sure that of her middle school. Joana Pak studied photography at Columbia College Chicago where after graduation she earned a Bachelor of Arts.

After graduating from college, Pak had a desire to study more. She enrolled in a course in graphic design and at the same time began to follow editorial courses to broaden her knowledge in the arts and all its technicalities. She then settled into a specialty of printing and moved to Los Angeles to officially launch her career as a photographer. Today, she runs a freelance photography business named Jo Pakka, based in California.

Since the start of his career, his business has been doing well enough but not so much to achieve celebrity status. However, when she was revealed to be the heart of actor Steven Yeun, many people became more interested in getting to know her; it changed his life.

Joana Pak’s relationship with Steven Yeun

Joana Pak and Steven Yeun started their relationship in 2009 when they were still students. Steven graduated before Joana and moved to Los Angeles to start his acting career, but distance has never stood in the way of the love they have for each other.

Whenever they get the chance, the couple seizes the opportunity to be with each other. As time went on, they got engaged in 2015 and on December 3, 2016, the duo got married. Their big day was celebrated at the Paramour Estate in California with 200 guests in attendance who were treated to a fusion of Korean-American cuisine and music.

Shortly after their nuptials, Pak announced on social media that she was carrying their first child. On March 17, 2017, their son Jude Malcolm Yeun was born. Since its birth, Joana has devoted all her time to raising it.

Other Facts About Steven Yeun’s Wife

Net value

While we know Joana was running a successful freelance photography business in her own way at the time, how much she was worth at the time is not yet known. On the other hand, her husband has a net worth of around $4 million.

Social media presence

In this time and age when almost everything is going digital, it’s highly unlikely that Joana Pak hasn’t joined the bandwagon. She has accounts on major social media platforms including Instagram. You will find it at jopakka.

Body measurements

Joana Pak is at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Her bust measures 33 inches, her waist 26 inches, while her hips are 25 inches. She has black hair and dark brown eyes.

favorite things

Some of her favorite things include eating Thai and Korean food. Joana enjoys reading, designing and travelling. When she’s not doing any of that, you’ll likely find her taking care of her son and her husband.

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