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Heidi Van Pelt – Biography, Facts About Taran Noah Smith’s Ex-Wife




Heidi Van Pelt is known to different people, but the main reason she made headlines is because of the 16-year difference between her and the man she married. The ensuing controversy was enough to make Van Pelt’s name one that will never be forgotten. The ensuing divorce was as emotional as the beginning of the marriage.

To learn more about her marriage to a child actor and the development of her own vegan restaurant, keep reading.

Heidi Van Pelt – Biography

Heidi Van Pelt was born on July 11, 1968 in the state of Missouri, in the American Midwest, where she also spent her childhood.

The major detail about her parents is their she grew up in a dysfunctional environment, where she spent all her time living with her father or mother at different times. They weren’t exactly model parents, with his mother, Marsha Duncan, and a father who couldn’t find the time to wish him a happy birthday. Regardless of the dysfunctional nature of her family unit, her mother was a rock to her, encouraging her to take the path she would want to venture down.

For high school, Heidi Van Pelt went to twoschools – Oak Park High School and Blue Springs High, both located in Missouri. She graduated from high school in 1986 and continued her studies at a college located in Columbia, Stephens College.

At Stephens College, she studied Fashion Design but it didn’t work out. She then went to the University of Missouri where she tried to study German and philosophy, but the idea of ​​becoming a CIA agent brought her to the University of Washington in 1988 to undertake a program of Russian studies that took place at the University. The classes were too difficult for her and after one semester, Heidi Van Pelt quit.


After 1988 and leaving the University of Washington, she started Emergent Films, her own entertainment company. Before long, the establishment folded and she found herself working on sets.

Van Pelt led a dissatisfied life, all of which changed when she met a vegan group of an animal rights activist with whom she quickly became friends. These people took her in and helped her hone her skills in the art of vegan catering. This led her to co-host her own healthy eating radio show, as well as catering at Hollywood party nights. It was at one of these parties that she met her future husband and source of her fame, Taran Noah Smith, but he was fourteen at the time. The next time they met was at a movie premiere in 2000 when they were seventeen.


In 2001, she married Taran Noah Smith, a star of one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s, Home Improvement. The two married when Smith was just eighteen and Van Pelt was thirty-four. The first time the couple tried to marry was a time when Taran needed to prove to the law that he was an adult and take control of his trust fund which his parents had withdrawn from the money but who had refused.

But in 2007, trouble hit and the couple broke up. The breakup came after feelings they had for each other began to dissipate, aided by Smith’s cheating and excessive partying. It all started after they returned to California after a year away fleeing the police and her parents. The union had no children and lasted five years.

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Facts About Taran Noah Smith’s Ex-Wife

* Heidi owned a business called PlayFood which focused on producing healthy foods, including vegan cheese. It was funded by her ex-husband but fell apart when her marriage ended and also caused a legal battle between Van Pelt and Smith.

* As a vegan caterer, Pelt has worked with various stars, including actor Woody Harrelson.

* She also worked as a nutritionist, where she specialized in teaching homeless people how to use the vegetables they get from food pantries.

* Heidi Van Pelt is said to have a net worth of $300,000.

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