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20+ Funny Good Morning Memes to Kickstart Your Day with Laughter




20+ Funny Good Morning Memes to Kickstart Your Day with Laughter

Starting your day with a good laugh can set a positive tone for the entire day. Good morning memes are a fantastic way to spread joy and bring a smile to your friends and family first thing in the morning. Whether you’re a morning person or someone who hits the snooze button repeatedly, these memes are guaranteed to make you and your loved ones chuckle. Here’s a collection of 25+ hilarious good morning memes that cater to all types of morning moods, from the sleepyheads to the early risers.

Why Share Good Morning Memes?

Good morning memes aren’t just trivial chuckles; they can genuinely uplift someone’s mood. From giving a much-needed laugh to someone who’s not a morning person to sending a beam of positivity to early risers, these memes can strengthen your connections and spread positivity.

The Joy of Good Morning Memes

Good morning memes blend humor with everyday morning struggles, making them relatable and enjoyable. They’re a playful way to connect with friends and family first thing in the morning, fostering a sense of camaraderie and starting the day on a light note.

Wake-Up Calls

Wake-Up Calls

  • The Cockerel Alarm: A classic wake-up call, especially for those in rural areas. Imagine a cockerel crowing right next to your bedtime to rise and shine!
  • The Snooze Battle: For those who negotiate with their alarm clock every morning, “Just five more minutes…”
  • Early Bird Frustrations: “I woke up early, and there was no worm. This early bird is going back to bed!”

Good Morning Meme For the Sleepyheads

For the Sleepyheads - Friend that seems never have enough sleep meme

  • Perpetually Sleepy Friend: We all have that one friend who could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. “Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead!”
  • Morning Zombie: “When you wake up and sit on the edge of the bed like a zombie from a horror movie.”
  • The Bed’s Gravitational Pull: “Trying to escape the gravitational pull of my bed. Send help!”

Coffee Addicts Unite

Coffee Addicts Unite - Funny Good Morning Meme coffee

  • First Sip of Coffee: “When that first sip of coffee touches your soul. Good morning, world!”
  • Coffee Before Conversations: “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee. Seriously, just don’t.”
  • A Silent Scream for Coffee: A meme of someone yawning with the caption, “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.”

Humorous Encouragement

Morning People Memes

  • Inspirational Misfire: “Wake up! It’s a beautiful day to go back to sleep.”
  • Fake It Till You Make It: “I might look awake, but I’m just pretending until my second cup of coffee.”
  • Optimistic Outlook: “Good morning! Let’s pretend it’s not Monday.”

Relationship Meme

Relationship Meme - Funny Good Morning Meme relationship

  • Good Morning Text Reminder: A meme showing someone waiting by the phone, “When you’re waiting for that good morning text…”
  • Romantic Flair: “Good morning to my favorite person to wake up next to… Just kidding, you’re on the phone, I’m alone.”
  • Family Morning Chaos: “Good morning! Let the family chaos begin!”

Good Morning Meme for Weekend Vibes

Weekend Meme Vibes - Me on Friday Meme

  • Saturday Mood: “Wake up! It’s Saturday, which means coffee in bed until noon.”
  • Friday Energy: “When it’s Friday morning and you wake up with weekend energy!”
  • Lazy Sunday: “Good morning! Or as I like to call it: why-the-hell-is-my-alarm-on Sunday.”

Workplace Humor

Good Morning Memes

  • Monday Morning Realness: “Good morning! Let’s face the music and dance through Monday.”
  • Pre-Work Rituals: “My morning routine: Get up, survive, go back to bed.”
  • The Commuter’s Lament: “When you leave home early but still get to work late – that’s my magic!”

Special Occasions

Good Morning lies meme

  • Birthday Mornings: “Happy Birthday! Waking up another year older but not necessarily wiser.”
  • Holiday Mornings: “Waking up on Christmas morning like ‘Where’s the coffee and where are the presents?’”
  • New Year’s Day: “Good morning to a new year and another chance for me to get it right.”

Why Send Good Morning Memes?

Sending a good morning meme can be more than just a small gesture. It’s a way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, to make them smile, and to perhaps make their morning a bit brighter. It’s a simple act that can strengthen bonds and make daily communication fun and engaging.


What is a good morning meme? A good morning meme is a humorous image or text that is shared to bring a smile and laughter to someone’s morning, making their start to the day a little brighter.

Why send good morning memes? Sending good morning memes can help lift someone’s mood, strengthen bonds, and start the day on a positive and humorous note.

Where can I find good morning memes? Good morning memes can be found on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as on meme-specific websites.

Are good morning memes suitable for everyone? Most good morning memes are designed to be light-hearted and suitable for all ages, but it’s always good to consider the recipient’s sense of humor.

Can I create my own good morning meme? Absolutely! Apps like Canva and meme generators allow you to create personalized memes. This can be a fun way to tailor your message specifically to someone’s interests or inside jokes.

How often should I send good morning memes? The frequency depends on your relationship with the person. Daily might be great for someone you know well and who appreciates the humor, while less often might be better for others to keep it fresh and enjoyable.

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