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Irresponsible Politicians Took Oba Of Benin’s Words Out Of Context – Olumide Akpata




Oba Of Benin Rebukes Labour Party Candidate, Olumide Akpata

The Edo State Labour Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate, Olumide Akpata, has said that the Oba of Benin, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II, has confirmed his legitimacy as the true son of Benin Kingdom.

He explained that his heritage has often been questioned because he is among the people in Benin who bear Yoruba names, but the monarch has finally confirmed his identity as an illustrious Benin man.

Akpata stated this during a Channels Television’s Politics Today programme on Tuesday.

Recall that Akpata, while visiting the Oba, had described himself as the son of the palace, however, the monarch had stated that he had no direct linkage to the palace.

Speaking on the situation, the LP flag bearer claimed that his opponents tried to take the monarch’s words out of context.

He insisted that the Oba simply carried out a harmless correction.

He said, “In the course of my addressing, I inadvertently referred to myself as a son of the palace.

“What was intended was that I am a son of the soil, an indigenous Benin man and my royal father, in his usual candour, said, ‘No, you are not a son of the palace; you are an indigenous son of Benin.

“Correction well taken and I am very grateful for him setting the record straight and it was totally harmless, very educating, very enlightening for me to understand. These things are important, traditions and cultures, you must not get it wrong. You get it wrong, the misstep can be fatal.

“I was corrected. End of story. It ought to have ended there if not for politics and irresponsible politicians. His words were taken out of context, twisted by those who have another agenda of their own.

“It was a glorious moment for me because my royal father confirmed to the world that I am a true Benin son. You may not understand why that is an issue because for me, in the course of my very short political career, one issue since my entry into politics is the question as to whether I am actually a Benin man or not.

“I am one of those Benin people who answer Yoruba names. In Benin City, my Benin-ness has been called to question. So, it was a fantastic day for me because none other than the monarch himself confirmed to the world that Olumide Osaigbovo Akpata is an illustrious, indigenous Benin man.”