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Scores Injured As APC Delegate, Councillorship Primary Election Turns Bloody In Ebonyi




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A primary election for a 5-man delegate/councillorship held prior to the Local Government Area election in Ebonyi State scheduled for 20th of July, 2024, turned bloody on Friday.

Naija News understands that the election turned out to be chaotic and violent in certain parts of the state today.

The chaos reportedly erupted due to disagreements between members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and those appointed to oversee the election.

According to Vanguard, some youths sustained injuries, including cuts from machetes, inflicted by hoodlums who infiltrated the election venue.

In contrast, some anonymous youths claimed that there was no election in Ekka ward, located in Ezza North Local Government area of Ebonyi State.

However, a stakeholder from Ekka ward and the Commissioner for Rural Development, Barr Ikeuwa Omebe, refuted the report of violence in his ward.

Omebe stated that the delegate election was conducted in a free, fair, and credible manner.

He said, “Well, I am surprised of what you are saying. The election in my Ward was peaceful. People queued behind the aspirant of their Choice while the election went on smoothly. In my presence nothing like that happened. You know youths now, they are on their own.

“Maybe the incident you are talking about took place after the election was conducted. As at when we were there the election was peacefully done. Disagreements will never happen between myself and the Coordinator of my DC.

“As at the time I got to the Venue of the election and after we left, there was nothing like that. The election in my Ward went on peacefully.”

Also, a councillorship aspirant, Agbo Sunday from Okposhi Ward I in Ngbo Central of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State told reporters that election did not hold in his Ward as some individuals conspired against the election.

“The Staff of EBSEIC didn’t play his role well. We were about four aspirants who stood in for the election but only the result of one contestant was counted.

“I am calling on Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, the State Chairman of APC, and EBSEIC boss to cancel this election because what happened on the field wasn’t an election,” Sunday said.

Another aspirant, Igwe Frank Arinze, for Okposhi Ward I Councillorship primary election alleged that the Retuning Officer by the name Friday Onwe, after he counted the votes of one Henry Okpe refused to count his own votes.

He said: “When the retuning officer realised that those standing behind me were more than those of Mr. Henry Okpe’s, he decided not to count my own. When we asked to know why he did that, he said he was instructed to count only those on Henry Okpe’s line.

“And after counting Henry Okpe’s votes, those that came to conduct the election, rushed into their car and drove off. But before they drove off, the thugs they had prearranged, started attacking my people.

“We had to rush into our car and drove off in order to save our lives. But before we drove off, they attacked my car and damaged some part of it. And so, we managed to drive to 135 to save our lives.

“I want to appeal to Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, APC State Chairman, and the EBSIEC boss to look into this matter and declare me the winner of the election in Okposhi Ward I because it was clear that those standing behind me were about three times more than that of Henry Okpe.

“I have all my evidences. But how can EBSIEC declare someone that didn’t win an election a winner? If you declare the person that didn’t win an election the winner, how can people come out next time to participate for an election.”

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