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Why I Don’t Regret Making Nwifuru My Successor – Umahi




Why I Don't Regret Making Nwifuru My Successor - Umahi

The Minister of Works, David Umahi, has declared that he doesn’t regret making Francis Nwifuru his successor as the Ebonyi State Governor.

Speaking on Thursday in Abakaliki during an interaction with journalists, Umahi disclosed that many of his allies have abandoned him but Nwifuru and a few others stood with him during the hard decision of defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He added that many politicians who were with him before feel Governor Nwifuru would be angry if they acknowledge him as their boss, but that is not the case because even Nwifuru recognizes the role he played in his emergence as the Ebonyi State Governor.

On those who abandoned him after receiving help from him in the past, Umahi stated that he remains unfazed by their actions because he has fulfilled his term as Governor and moved on to other things.

The Minister said he has known the Governor for 16 years and would continue to support him.

He said, “It is only Chief Onyekachi Nwebonyi that will openly acknowledge that I am his father and boss.

“The others feel that by doing so, the state governor, my successor, will be angry with them.

“The governor cannot do that because he too openly acknowledges that I was instrumental to his emergence,”

“I will fight anybody who makes trouble with the governor because he deserves our respect.

“I have done me bit, have left the stage and have to respect myself,”

“There are always pathways to successes and failures and when you dig for someone to fail, you have already failed,”

“The issue of the leaders staying together for long is not our business but I have known the governor for 16 years and will continue to support him.

“I will never regret making him my successor as he, alongside few others, stood with me during the hard decision of defecting to the APC.”

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