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APC Has Pauperized, Turned Many Nigerians To Scavengers – Says Felix Alari




Drama As Another Candidate Emerges Winner In APC Parallel Primary For Edo Governorship Election

A former Federal Commissioner of Public Complaint Commission (PCC), Barrister Felix Alari, has asserted that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has pauperized and turned many Nigerians into scavengers with its style of governance.

Naija News reports that the former APC member said this while expressing his views on the upcoming September 21 governorship election in Edo state.

According to Alari, this election will serve as a referendum on whether the Edo people want to endure the current hardships faced by Nigerians.

Alari firmly believes that it is unthinkable for the people of Edo to vote for a party that has allegedly impoverished Nigerians and reduced many to scavengers, as he claims the APC has done over the past decade.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the former PCC boss emphasized that the Edo 2024 election presents an opportunity for the people to convey their hunger and exhaustion to the APC.

He further asserted that supporting the APC would only endorse and approve further hardships in the state, as they are currently being experienced in Nigeria at large.

He said, “To me Edo 2024 election is a referendum of a sort to decide in a small scale whether the people are satisfied with present APC government viz a viz the hardship and pains they have brought to the majority Nigerians.

“And I can tell you that Edo people are not in doubt about the choice they have to make in this election. APC certainly is absent from the table.

“And if you must know, a tour through the cities, towns and villages of Edo state, will clearly show the mindset of Edo people regarding the upcoming governorship election.

“It is clear to Edo people that APC has nothing to offer and nothing to campaign within the coming elections except hunger and hardship.

“Go to our streets and villages you hear the people loud and clear saying that this hunger must not be allowed to continue.

“And I must say here that even the APC members know that they have lost this election. They already have conceded this as a fact. They know that the people will not vote for them because they have nothing to offer and nothing to campaign with.

“The only thing you hear them say is that they have the federal might under President Tinubu to manipulate the outcome of the election and truncate the will of the Edo people.

“A party that has pauperised Nigerians and turned many to scavengers in the manner APC has done in the almost one decade of their rule cannot be rewarded or patronised with votes by Edo people. Edo 2024 is one valuable opportunity to tell APC that Nigerians are hungry and tired of their misrule.”

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