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Arrest Yahaya Bello – AAN Tells Presidency




Yahaya Bello: EFCC Files 19 Criminal Counts Against Former Kogi Governor

ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has urged the Federal Government to intensify efforts to arrest and prosecute the former governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello.

The group insisted that immunity on governors ends after eight years in office, hence accountability is demanded for their actions and inactions.

Speaking with Vanguard on Wednesday, the Country Director, AAN, Andrew Mamedu, said there is no need to waste time anymore on Yahaya Bello, rather it is expected of the Presidency to wield its full authority and do more towards the immediate arrest of the former governor.

Mamedu said, “When a former governor eludes legal accountability, it reflects poorly on the nation’s commitment to the rule of law and justice. This situation with Yahaya Bello demands more rigorous intervention than what is currently being deployed.


“In such extreme circumstances, one would expect the Presidency to wield its full authority and do more towards the immediate arrest of the former governor, ensuring he faces charges in a competent court of law.

“Allegations of corruption totalling over N80 billion against a former governor and his aide are grave matters that cannot be taken lightly, and the handling of their arrest should reflect the seriousness of these charges.

“If Yahaya Bello believes in his innocence, he should not hide behind any false pretense. Instead, he should step forward to defend himself and his integrity. His evasion of law enforcement only adds to public suspicion and further tarnishes his reputation.


“Surrendering to authorities and cooperating with the judicial process is essential for addressing the charges against him in a lawful manner. Demonstrating respect for the rule of law and legal institutions is not only in his best interest but also crucial for upholding the integrity of the nation’s justice system.

“The EFCC must ensure stronger coordination with the police, customs, navy and other security agencies to prevent further evasion, particularly under disguise. Engaging with international anti-corruption agencies to track and apprehend all those involved in the corruption charges who may want to flee the country, including Yahaya Bello, is very important now in ensuring that justice is served.”