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African Countries With The Highest Minimum Wage




The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the President Bola Tinubu-led Federal government have been battling over a new national minimum wage.

The NLC is insisting that a new wage is necessary considering the present economic hardship plaguing the nation.

However, despite reducing their earlier demand of ₦615,000 to ₦497,000, FG is insisting on a minimum wage of ₦57,000.

The list below shows ten  African countries with the highest minimum wage, as reported by The Nation.

1. Seychelles: Seychelles with a minimum wage of $465.4 is ranked number in the continent of Africa and 38 in the world.

2. Libya: The North African country is the second-best country with a minimum wage of $321.83. Libya is ranked 45th position in the world.

3. Morocco: Morocco holds the third position, with a minimum wage of $314.7. Globally Morocco is ranked as the 47th-best country

4. Gabon: This country has a minimum wage of $270.5. On the global stage, Gabon is ranked 50th

5. Equatorial Guinea: Equatorial Guinea is the fifth African country with the highest minimum wage of $211.54. The oil-producing country is ranked 58th on the world stage.

6. Algeria: The North African country has a national minimum wage of $140.14 and is ranked the six best in Africa. While global, Algeria is ranked 72nd

7. Cape Verde: It ranks number seven, and has a national minimum wage of $139.46. Globally, Cape Verde is ranked 73rd

8. Kenya: The East African country known as a tourist destination in the country has a national minimum wage of $130.57. Kenya is the 8th best in Africa and 75th in the world.

9. Mozambique: Mozambique’s national minimum wage is $113.8 and it occupies the ninth position in Africa. On the global stage, Mozambique is ranked 79th

10. Lesotho: The land-locked country in Southern Africa completes the top ten list of African countries with the highest national minimum wage of $109.62. Lesotho is ranked 80th in the world.