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Nigeria’s Police Strength Dips Slightly, Inmate Numbers Rise – NBS Report




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The number of police officers in Nigeria experienced a slight decrease in 2022, according to the latest Social Statistics Report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Naija News reports that the data indicated that the strength of the Nigerian Police Force fell from 250,461 in 2021 to 250,227 in 2022, marking a minor decline amid ongoing security challenges in the country.

“The total number of police officers in 2020 was 213,709, the number increased to 250,461 in 2021 and decreased to 250,227 in 2022,” the NBS said.

This contrasted with an increase from 213,709 officers in 2020 to 250,461 in 2021, showcasing fluctuating recruitment and retention levels within the force.


Concurrently, the report highlighted a rise in the number of inmates within the nation’s correctional facilities.

The inmate population grew from 70,180 in 2021 to 73,617 in 2022. The number of condemned inmates also saw a slight decrease, dropping from 1,145 in 2021 to 1,131 in 2022.

Additionally, the report shed light on missing person cases handled by the Nigeria Police Force. In 2020, 279 missing person cases were recorded, with 79 successfully traced.


The figure rose significantly in 2021 to 427 reported cases, with 195 found. However, in 2022, the numbers dropped to 206 reported missing, with 136 of these cases resolved.

The NBS emphasized the crucial role of internal security in maintaining peace and order, noting that crime and its management remain key factors that influence national stability.