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APC Has Failed Nigerians, Salihu Lukman, Party’s Former Vice Chairman Admits




{Breaking}: 'My Membership Has Been Rendered Useless' - Salihu Lukman Dumps APC

The former national vice chairman (North-West) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Lukman, has declared that the party has fallen short of Nigerians’ expectations over the past nine years.

Speaking in Abuja, Lukman, who also served as the director-general of the APC Progressive Governors’ Forum, offered a scathing critique of the Fourth Republic, which marks its 25th year.

Naija News reports that he lamented the deteriorating welfare conditions, rising unemployment, deepening poverty, and escalating insecurity under the current democratic dispensation.

Lukman’s statement shed light on the internal disarray within the APC, suggesting that the party, envisioned as a beacon of progressive politics, has devolved into a shadow of its founding principles.


“The APC was a shimmer of political hope back in 2013, expected to usher in a regime of responsive leadership. Unfortunately, it turned into a moonlighting affair, with the leadership faltering and becoming unaccountable,” he stated.

The APC chieftain criticized the party’s drift from its manifesto, noting that since gaining power in 2015 with former President Muhammadu Buhari, the APC has neglected its foundational promises.

“Appointments and policy decisions have been monopolized by the president at the national level and the governors at the state level, reminiscent of military rule, reducing party leaders and members to mere spectators,” he added.


Reflecting on the broader landscape of Nigerian democracy, Lukman pointed out that the governance quality, even under elected officials, might be considered poorer than during military rule.

“Twenty-five years into our Fourth Republic, and the living conditions for Nigerians have significantly worsened, with ineffective governance and rampant mismanagement of resources,” he explained.