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Matawalle: Sticking With Our Actualness And Not Metaphor…




Matawalle: Sticking With Our Actualness And Not Metaphor...

A metaphor is a figure of speech that implicitly compares two unrelated things, typically by stating that one thing is another. Metaphors can be used to create vivid imagery, exaggerate a characteristic or action, or express a complex idea.

The column/article written by “Sonala Olumhense,” syndicated in Punch Newspaper of 19th of May 2024, will make me rather stick to the definition of Metaphor as a word used to exaggerate a characteristic or action.

Aside the fact that the piece was a torturous read due to errors in page layout, I found the piece more of a hatchet man’s job, rather than an objective commentary on the fight against corruption which he tried masking his true intents with.

While I cannot determine the most appropriate caption for an article, I’m curious how the article became about Matawalle, in the face of other instances cited, and other instances which seem to be more factual than the Matawalle instance.


One of the allegations raised in the article was the issue of the invasion of the residence of H.E Dr. Bello Matawalle by security agents on the instance of the current Governor of the state, Mr. Dauda Lawal, in which some vehicles were taken away.

It is noteworthy to point out how the author missed the fact, or conveniently left out the illegality of the said action by security agents.

Dr. Matawalle was never put on notice through any warrant, and the despicable actions of the security personnel on ground who got involved in stealing of personal valuables like clothing, cutlery and accessories.


While a Federal High Court of Sokoto Division ruled in favour of the Zamfara State Government, if there were no merits in his (Matawalle’s) claims, a Court of competent jurisdiction wouldn’t have granted him an initial injunction ordering the police to return the vehicles days after the invasion. It is on record that on June 15 2023, Justice Aliyu Bappa of the Federal High Court Gusau ordered all security agencies involved in removing the vehicles from Matawalle’s private homes in Gusau and Maradun to return them within 48 hours.

The court also gave an order of interim injunction restraining the respondents in the suit filed by Matawalle from taking any further action in connection with the matter.

The second allegation was the “stalled” investigation of the Honourable Minister of State for Defence for N70bn fraud.


It is curious how the author in the face of true events will choose to believe a man disgraced out of office for corruption and abuse of office over a man who is yet to be indicted by any panel of inquiry or court of competent jurisdiction.

Abdulrasheed Bawa, the ousted Chair of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, lost his office due to an indictment of abuse of office and corruption allegations.

The actualness of our society is how the EFCC has constantly and consistently tried former public office holders in the court of public opinion with little or no facts to get convictions in a Court of Law against these persons. So silly is EFCC, that there is a sustenance of the culture of media trial irrespective of who is in charge.

Another instance is the case of the former Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello.

EFCC was quick to impress it on the Anerican International School Abuja that the funds used for the payment of tuition of Yahaya Bello’s kids were proceeds of crime, whereas no court of competent jurisdiction has granted such judicial pronouncement.

The allegations by the Zamfara State Government has been dealt with many times by aides to Matawalle and myself, and it’s laughable that till date, the State Government has not gotten enough facts, documents, and evidence to either institute a criminal case against Dr. Matawalle or get relevant security agencies to interrogate, arrest, and prosecute him.

Lastly, to answer the question of forgery and perjury, a little journalistic effort would have revealed to the author that there was no case as the suit filed the Northern Youth Assembly and others against Governor Bello Matawalle and three others for alleged perjury was not pursued as those who instituted the case otherwise known as “plantiff” were not known to law” as they were not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as required. It was just bad politics at play.

While the author felt Matawalle was enough to draw comparison about what ought to be and what seems to be happening, the fate, persecution, and travails of Matawalle is our reality and the reality of most, if not all our public office holders.

Deyemi Saka
(Media Consultant to Bello Matawalle)