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Interview: FG’s Latest Move On Student Loan Shocking – NANS President Speaks




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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has expressed its displeasure with the latest developments in the Student Loan Program.

Naija News has earlier reported that the federal government hopes to commence the student loan program with students of Federal Universities.

However, in an exclusive interview with Naija News, the President of NANS, Comrade Pedro Obi, touched on the issue of student loans, the menace of cultism and the welfare of Nigerian students as a whole.

On the student loan, the president tasked the President Bola Tinubu-led federal government to ensure a level playing ground for all Nigerian students regardless of their ins

The federal government has announced plans to commence the scheme but says it will only cover students of federal universities. For starters, where does NANS stand on this, and what effort is NANS making to ensure that students of other institutions are considered in the loan scheme?

As shocking as this turn of events is to us, we will only take solace in the fact that nothing good comes easy. Hence, we charge the Federal Government to at least start the process, as the commencement date has lingered for so long. At our organization level, we will continue to advocate for a level playing field for all Nigerian Students irrespective of their choice of institution, so long as it’s a public institution. So, we will continue to interface with the government to ensure that students at every institution in Nigeria have access to the loan initiative.

On the menace of cultism, what are the steps that NANS have been taking towards ensuring that it is brought to an end on campuses?

Cultism is a significant issue on Nigerian campuses, leading to violence, insecurity, and disrupted education. Cult groups engage in criminal activities that cause physical and psychological harm to students, and, in severe cases, result in fatalities. Addressing this menace is a priority for the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). We’ve engaged in various activities just to see that the menace of cultism is brought to an end. We’ve embarked on Awareness Campaigns and advocacy for Stricter Penalties; we also promote counseling and mentorship programs to support at-risk students and the Promotion of Extracurricular Activities. Through these comprehensive efforts, NANS aims to eradicate cultism, ensuring a safer and more conducive learning environment on Nigerian campuses. However, sustained efforts and support from all stakeholders are essential to achieve lasting success in this fight.

What are the steps that NANS has been taking towards ensuring that the rights of Nigerian students are respected and protected?

The struggles faced by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) in ensuring the rights of Nigerian students are multifaceted. Firstly, NANS has consistently faced challenges in addressing issues related to the quality of education, such as inadequate funding for public universities, poor infrastructure, and frequent strikes by academic and non-academic staff. These strikes often disrupt academic calendars and negatively impact students’ education. Moreover, NANS has struggled with advocating for better student welfare and security, especially considering the increasing cases of violence and kidnappings on campuses. Ensuring the safety of students remains a significant concern that NANS continues to address through protests and dialogue with authorities. Despite these struggles, NANS has made strides in organizing protests, engaging in dialogue with government officials, and creating awareness about student issues through various campaigns. However, sustained and more strategic efforts are require to achieve lasting solutions to these enduring challenges.