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Aston Villa, Other Premier League Clubs Secure Champions League Spot




The English Premier League has officially gotten their four representatives for the 2024-2025 UEFA Champions League campaign.

Earlier this month, Tottenham Hotspur were looking like a side that would displace Aston Villa in the top four due to their number of outstanding games.

Unfortunately, they lost virtually all their outstanding games. Their 2-0 defeat against Manchester City on Tuesday, May 14, officially ended their hope of finishing in the top four.

Hence, for the first time in the history of Aston Villa, they will be one of the four clubs that will represent the Premier League in the UEFA Champions League.


Aston Villa coach, Unai Emery who was at the club’s end-of-the-year party when Tottenham Hotspur lost to Manchester City, said it was their dream to play in the Champions League next season.

“It’s a very special day,” Emery said. “It’s our dream, we started the season to be here. We’ve had injuries but the team was always focused. It’s fantastic. To play the Champions League is the best.”

Other Premier League clubs that have also qualified for the UEFA Champions League campaign are Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool.


Note that the Premier League would have gotten five representatives in the Champions League next season if the league’s clubs had performed well in this season’s continental competitions.

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