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I Was Gifted Fake Richard Millie Wristwatch – Singer Skiibii




Nigerian Singer Skiibii

Nigerian singer, Skiibii has reacted after his ex-girlfriend, actress Ms DSF exposed him for wearing a “fake” Richard Millie.

Sharing pictures of Skiibii wearing the designer wristwatch, @Fakewatchbuster wrote via their Instagram page: “For those who keep asking about that RM001, yes, that’s not a legit Richard Millie; as you can see from the pic, there are a lot of differences clearly visible from the distance.”

Speaking via the comment section, Skiibii’s ex-girlfriend, Ms DSF wrote, “[laughing emoji] Made in Yaba.”

Following the development, Skiibii took to his Instagram page to explain that he was gifted the designer wristwatch.


He shared a video capturing the moment he was gifted the wristwatch via his Instagram story.

In the video, Skiibii could be heard saying; “My n*gga just gave me a Richard Millie just like that mehn. Adel, Hassan, just give me Richard Millie o! He comot ham say makeI take.”

Successful And Beautiful Women Intimidate Men – Ms DSF

Meanwhile, Ms DSF has said that most Nigerian men feel insecured around successful women.


She opined that they are not comfortable in their masculinity.

The Nollywood actress stated this during an appearance on Bahd and Boujee Podcast, co-hosted by reality star Tolanibaj and actress Moet Abebe.

Fapson explained that she has encountered men who feel intimidated by her success.


She noted that it takes a “very secure” man to support and love successful women.

According to her, “When you are successful, beautiful and have everything going for you, I feel like it can be intimidating to a lot of men. I’ve had a lot of my male friends tell me that I come across as intimidating.

It takes a very secure man to support, encourage and love someone who is successful, beautiful and has everything going for them. Because you [the man] have to bring a lot to the table. I don’t have to prove what I am bringing to your table, you have to show me what you’re bringing to my table. You’ve to level up and beat my level.

“It takes a lot for a man to do that and for him to be secure in his masculinity and not feel like the successful woman is overbearing.”

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