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‘It’s Fake’ – Dangote Group Reacts To News Of AI Trader




Dangote's Pan-African Ventures Yield $687.977 Million For Nigeria

Dangote Group has refuted claims that its founder, Aliko Dangote, is developing an AI tool for crypto and stock trading assistance.

A deceptive video emerged on Sunday, April 28, depicting Dangote promoting an AI tool, seemingly indicating a minimum access fee of 250,000 Naira.

The official account of Dangote Group shared the video, tagging it with “#fakenews,” amid reports stating that Dangote’s voice was manipulated using an AI voice generator.

Meanwhile, Dangote Industries Limited has announced its strategic goal of achieving Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in crucial economic sectors, including cement, agriculture, mining, and petroleum.


This declaration was made by the Regional Sales Director of Dangote Cement Plc for Lagos/Ogun, Tunde Mabogunje, during the celebrated Dangote Day at the 2024 Gateway International Trade Fair in Abeokuta.

Mabogunje emphasized the conglomerate’s commitment to fostering the manufacturing sector over importation, aiming to enhance economic growth and reduce dependency on foreign goods.

Similarly, Dangote Cement, the largest cement producer in Africa, has reported an unprecedented peak in quarterly revenue for the first quarter of the year, reaching ₦817.4 billion.


Naija News reports that this significant growth comes at a time when cement prices have nearly doubled across Nigeria, with costs rising from ₦5,000-₦6,000 in January to ₦10,000-₦12,000 in February.