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‘Northern Elites Plotting To Stop Tinubu’s Second Term Bid’ – AYCF Alleges, Reveals Minister On Target




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The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has made strong allegations against certain northern political elites, claiming they are conspiring to prevent President Bola Tinubu from seeking re-election in 2027.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the forum asserts that the ongoing disruptions and agitations in the North are part of a larger plan to achieve this goal in 2027.

According to the President General of the AYCF, Yerima Shettima, this plot involves imposing unrealistic and unattainable standards on the Tinubu administration to discredit the government and influence public opinion against it.

Shettima further explains that the campaign of vilification and destabilization aims to weaken Tinubu’s support base in the North, with the minister of state defence, Bello Mohammed Matawalle, being the primary target.


The AYCF sees the continuous attacks on key allies of Tinubu as part of a broader scheme to destabilize the government and prevent his potential re-election for a second term in 2027.

The AYCF expresses its concern and views these actions as desperate attempts by power seekers to impede the progress of the administration and reverse its anti-corruption efforts.

Shettima added: “The AYCF views these actions as a calculated attempt to dismantle the President’s support network and thwart his chances of securing a second term in office.”


The AYCF cautioned against premature actions by the anti-Tinubu factions and emphasized the need to avoid spreading false information and employing obscure organizations to undermine the President’s allies and tarnish his image.

In light of this, the AYCF urged President Tinubu and his team to stay alert and determined in their dedication to the country’s advancement.

The forum advised the President to be cautious of the orchestrated propaganda campaigns aimed at his administration and to remain focused on fulfilling his commitments to the Nigerian people.


“It is imperative for the government to stay focused on its goals, remain resilient in the face of these challenges, and work towards ensuring a stable and prosperous future for Nigeria. The administration must anticipate and counteract these moves in order to safeguard the progress and development of the nation,” Daily Post quoted Shettima saying.

The AYCF finds it absurd for any organization to evaluate and criticize an administration that has only been in power for less than a year based on unrealistic expectations and biased criteria.

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