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‘Walk Away, Throw Eggs At Them When They Show Up’ – Pat Utomi Urges Nigerians To Challenge Political Leaders




'Nigeria Is Not A Working Democracy, We Don't Have A Political Party In Nigeria Today' - Pat Utomi

Renowned political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, has lamented that the major problem of the country is the obedience of its citizens.

Utomi stated that most Nigerians accept anything that is ditched out to them.

He called on Nigerians to wake up from their slumber and develop new approaches to make government officials accountable.

Utomi made the call on Thursday in Abuja at a National conversation on building a new value system in Nigeria, with the theme, ‘A Public Sphere Conscious Movement –A Necessary Starting Point for the Journey to Redemption’.

He argued that Nigerians are docile and not demanding accountability from the leaders.

Utomi urged the citizenry to challenge the status quo and show that they were not happy with the situation in the country.

According to him, “But this is not working. We are creating poverty every day and I think this is a moral burden. Look at what the Zambian President is doing. So we need to re-think what we want and hold the leaders accountable. The day that person shows up in that fancy car, walk away from him and thrown eggs at him.

“We allow them to get away with what they are doing to us, so we need to have a new approach to holding them accountable.”

He also said that the pride and dignity of human beings have been eroded in Nigeria, and people engage in ‘verbal terrorism’ in the name of politics.

Utomi said: “From basic changes, we can get to more important national issues for national development. Raising a new tribe of patriots in Nigeria is important for all, thus the need for state of the nation and the urgent need for renewed strategic conversation by a critical mass of patriots.”