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#BBNaija: Why I Slammed Ilebaye – Doyin Spills




Big Brother Naija reality star Doyin David has opened up on the reason she lashed out at her fellow all-star housemate, Ilebaye.

Doyin revealed this during an Instagram live session on Thursday after a follower queried her over her altercation with the Gen Z Baddie.

Speaking about her behavior, Doyin said she lashed out at Ilebaye because she did not return the favour of fighting for her after she defended the latter against Venita and other housemates who attacked Ilebaye.

She said, “So what thing you people need to understand is sometimes that outspoken strong person also needs somebody to be there for them and that’s the truth there is no human being that doesn’t need somebody to be there for them.


“What you people saw was me lashing out, I want you to paint a scenario where you stand up for your friend against some other people and that same person you are standing up for against some other people you see them kiking with the people that you fought them for, I was pained.

“I didn’t feel like I had a friend, I also needed a friend, I don’t think you people even have an idea what I went through in that house and how mentally draining it was feeling like I did not have anybody so forgive me if I’m a human being and I feel let down and I’m lashing out that doesn’t make me a bad person it just makes me a human and that was it, I was lashing out.”

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