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Photos: Reactions As Boko Haram Camouflage Vehicles With Grasses To Avoid Being Spotted In Forest




Boko Haram

One of the intriguing tactics employed by Boko Haram and its faction ISWAP (Islamic State West Africa Province) to avoid being spotted in the Sambisa forest has sparked reactions online.

Naija News reports that the photos shared by popular counter-insurgency expert and security analyst in Lake Chad, Zagazola Makama on X, show how Boko Haram meticulously attached natural materials such as grasses and branches to their vehicle exteriors.

The approach mimics the appearance of the surrounding vegetation, effectively rendering their vehicles almost invisible from an aerial view.

The cunning tactics grant the insurgents a significant advantage, allowing them to move freely within the forest without fear of being attacked from the air.

The photos have sparked reactions from many Nigerians.

@Chrisdaramola wrote: “These guys are top-notch professionals.. see their level of intelligence.. continue to send them to their maker. Victory to the Nigerian Military. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

@phantomXsly wrote: “These people.just dey inside bush with their own personal photographers and internet come dey give us update about themselves.”

@nawa4discomment wrote: “This is the highest you can get from the North, even their politicians would see this as Rocket Science”

@Comr_Sanusi1 wrote: “Nowaoo!!! see tactics abeg, but God pass them”

@HallenjayArt wrote: Nice. “Except for Attack helicopters, the next thing to detect them will be some kind of thermal imagers with special capabilities for cold engine”

@Austyn_reingz wrote: “As long as those cars emit heat they can easily be spotted using thermal imaging.”

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@AkinOges wrote: “The humidity will heat up and warm the metal: thermal imager on flight-control will light up with the clear images of these technicals. Their best luck is: disappear fromthe operational zone; else, meat grinder. Gone are the days of basic Alpha jets.”