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Ali Ndume Blames 9th Assembly For ‘Over-collaboration’ With Buhari’s Govt, Says It Added To Nigeria’s Woes 




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The outgoing 9th National Assembly has been blamed for its excessive collaboration with the immediate past administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

This was the position of the Senator representing Borno South, Ali Ndume who is part of the members of the 9th Assembly.

Naija News gathered that Ndume during an interview with BBC Hausa said the over-collaboration between the 9th Assembly and the former President Buhari administration constituted a problem for Nigeria.

He said even though the Assembly performed well in its own space, there were a number of Buhari’s government policies that should have been met with opposition because they were for personal gains.

The lawmaker blamed the Assembly for its failure to investigate and follow up as well as access how loans collected by the Buhari administration were used to the benefit of Nigerians.

He said “There has never been an Assembly that has given the executive branch as much cooperation as the 9th Assembly.

“Although we should cooperate, we have gone too far, and it has become a problem for the country, especially in the area of ​​debts that the government has received,” said Ndume.

“We did not conduct a proper investigation, and we did not study the benefits of collecting the loans. In the same way, we did not determine the benefit of the debts received in the past, how to pay the money taken, and the things that will follow.” 

Speaking about Buhari and his fight against corruption, the lawmaker explained that even though it was one of Buhari’s promises, his government did not directly take any strong action to show that it was really serious, adding that lawmakers were responsible for the failure.

He added that “What we came up with in the government is that we will fight corruption directly, but no law has been made to show this,” 

“As I said, there was cooperation with the government, but it went too far.”

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