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Sierra Leonean Shares Experience With Two Newly ‘Japa’d’ Nigerian ‘Obidients’




An ‘Obidient’ Sierra Leonean, Abdul Taylor-Kamara has narrated his experience with two newly relocated Nigerians who are staunch supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour party (LP) in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi.

The ‘Obedient’ as they are fondly called are majorly youths, who were exhausted by the unprecedented level of insecurity, record inflation, unemployment rates and many other issues, backing the former Anambra governor, Peter Obi.

According to Taylor, via Twitter, on Tuesday, he met the Nigerians on a train in London and decided to pay their bills after which they discussed the on-going presidential tribunal.

He added that they were amazed at how ‘Obidient’ he was, despite not being Nigerian.

Taylor, who expressed joy after meeting with the Nigerians, added that they blessed him for the hospitality after they alighted from the train.

Narrating his encounter, Taylor wrote: “Bumped into two newly Japa’d Nigerians at a train station today. They asked for directions and told them I’m going to the same destination. We started conversing, and they were amazed at how Obidient i am despite being a Sierra Leonean.

“I can see the shock on their faces when I paid the bill as they’ve already converted it  into Naira. We then discussed the election petition, and I told them I take my Ipad to work just to keep up to date on proceedings.

“I then mentioned @General_Oluchi @MissPearls @baikoblo @TheSerahIbrahim and @_weyimi for my daily update.

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“Though I don’t comment on their post, but I’m following avidly. I took pictures with them, but decided not to post it as i respect their privacy.They bless me so much for the hospitality that I wish those blessings will turn. To money I’ve now got two new  Ellu P 78&79 friends.”

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