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Tinubu Deservers No Support From Opposition – Sam Amadi




Tinubu Deservers No Support From Opposition – Sam Amadi
Sam Amadi

The Director of the Abuja School of Social and Political Thoughts, Sam Amadi, has said that President Bola Tinubu does not deserve any support from opposition members.

Amadi asserted this on his Twitter page on Tuesday, saying the former Governor of Lagos State was once in the opposition for 16 years and was critical of the then ruling party, hence should be opposed now that he’s Nigeria’s president.

“The work of the opposition party is not to support the government. It is to oppose the government and put it on its toes.

“For 16 years he didn’t support the ruling government. He opposed it. Now he needs the opposition to oppose him, not support him. Let’s see,” Amadi wrote on the microblogging platform.

Naija News understands that Amadi’s tweet is coming at the time the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) called off its proposed Wednesday nationwide strike.

Recall that the labour union had proposed to embark on strike over the removal of fuel subsidy by President Tinubu during his inauguration on May 29.

After several meetings between the representatives of NLC and the Federal Government, the scheduled strike was called off.

Amadi, however, charged the opposition against supporting Tinubu’s administration.

Again Wike Speaks On Working In Tinubu’s Cabinet

Meanwhile, former Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has disclosed his stance on the possibility of accepting an appointment from President Bola Tinubu

Naija News gathered that Wike revealed this during a press interaction in Port Harcourt on Tuesday.

Wike stated that his decision would be informed by circumstances and denied actively seeking an appointment.

There had been speculations that Wike might be appointed into Tinubu’s cabinet following his recent visits to the Aso Rock.

Speaking on if he would work with Tinubu, Wike said, “You can’t ask me that kind of question. First of all, I am not lobbying for an appointment, for Christ’s sake. And I can’t only be important because you have given me an appointment. I mean, you should look ate very well.

“Two, Mr President has not called me. With due respect, if Mr President calls you and says, I want you to serve. Maybe I will ask, in what capacity do you want me to serve? And he says it, I say okay, thank you, Sir.

“Look I have a political team, I have a family, I won’t just sit down without talking to anybody and say oh Yes. Look, look, I am not begging for an appointment.

“We are not being objective. I have to explain to you how it’s done, you don’t just say will you take it or not. What kind of question is that? At my level, you don’t ask whether I will take or I won’t take. No, Circumstances will tell you. You see you never can tell.”

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