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Tony Elumelu Reveals Key Secrets To His Success




Nigerian billionaire, Tony Elumelu, has revealed the key ingredients to his success as he offers advice to young entrepreneurs.

Naija News reports that Elumelu during an interview with BBC Africa averred that life is not easy as being portrayed.

According to him, one has to be resilient, hardworking, disciplined, and extremely tenacious to succeed because the path that leads to success is not a soft one.

While offering advice to young Nigerian entrepreneurs, Tony Elumelu said success should not just be about profit-making but humanity, impact, and legacy.

He said, “I keep my team inspired by trying to lead by example. We try to soften things up a bit and not always hard, hard hard. We push ourselves, we drive very hard but we also know how to ‘chilax’ (relax).

“Life is not easy, life is not a linear path, life is not a soft place even though we try to introduce softness to life.

“Life is a hard place, so you have to be resilient, hardworking, disciplined, focused, and extremely tenacious to succeed.

“That is what I share with young people. That is what I share with my children. I tell them most times the path that leads you to success is not a very soft one.

“Success should not be just about making a profit, success should be about humanity, impact, legacy, and profit”

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