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10th NASS: Ndume Speaks On Tinubu Withdrawing Support For Akpabio




Ndume Speaks On Race For National Assembly Leadership

The Director General for the Akpabio/Barau Stability Group, Ali Ndume is standing firmly behind Akpabio amidst allegations of President Bola Tinubu withdrawing his support for his senate presidency ambition.

He brushed off the allegations, attributing them to political machinations during election time.

There had been insinuations that Tinubu stopped supporting Akpabio because of some corruption cases linked to him.

Ndume while speaking on the report on Wednesday pointed out that it’s not a new trend.

He noted, “President Bola Tinubu faced the same sort of accusations during his presidential campaign.”

Ndume said, “It is not surprising that whenever a politically exposed person is contesting elections, some people would be sponsored to raise issues against him or her.

“Don’t forget that President Bola Tinubu was also severally accused when he was campaigning to be president.

“We are not actually bothered about what the sponsored groups are saying about Akpabio, the anti-graft agencies know what to do. Why are they teaching them what to do?

“They are alleging that some corrupt activities took place under his watch at the NDDC but they did not say he misappropriated funds as governor or as minister.

“Akpabio was not the accounting officer of the NDDC, he only supervised the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

“They also accused him of not constituting the board of the NDDC but that also was not his job. The president of the country is saddled with such responsibility.”

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