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May We Not Experience What Will Make Us Miss Buhari – Okon Of Lagos




Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon, has made a prayer for the incoming administration ahead of May 29 inauguration.

The thespian prayed that incoming administration doesn’t mismanage the country to a point where citizens would miss the outgoing government.

In a post via his Instagram page on Sunday, Okon expressed worry that it is often the trend for Nigerians to miss their past leaders because the economy gets worse with each government that comes.

The comic actor asserted that the outgoing president only contested to achieve his selfish, lifelong ambition of ruling Nigeria again, alleging that Buhari’s ambition was never that of service.

He earnestly prayed that Nigerians would not have a reason to miss Buhari’s administration.

He wrote, “Wasn’t really about us. It was only about his lifelong ambition of leading Nigeria at the apex level whether by military or civil rule. Like one who is h*rny, he has cum.. pleasured, satisfied, done and dusted! Nigerians always miss their past leaders cos things are always getting worse. My prayer: May we not have a Nigeria where we all will sincerely miss BUHARI. God abeeggg!!!”