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I Never Knew I Will Lead Nigeria – Buhari




Buhari Makes Crucial Appointment Hours Before End of Tenure

President Muhammadu Buhari, in a gathering with a delegation of children at the State House, Abuja, expressed his surprise at leading Nigeria not only once but twice, as a military Head of State in 1983 and as a civilian President from 2015 to 2023.

Sharing his journey with the children, Buhari mentioned that he never anticipated the opportunity to lead his country.

He addressed the young audience, stating, “As students, we were told that we were the leaders of tomorrow. I never knew that I would one day lead my country, much less lead it twice as a military officer and as a civilian.”

Buhari launched a comic book titled “How To Make Nigeria Great.”

The book focuses on seven lessons that can shape the future of Nigeria, including the importance of faith, love for the country, understanding and respecting differences, living by the rules, thinking for the community, embracing good values, recognizing government resources as public funds, and being responsible children at home and in school.

Expressing his fulfilment in interacting with the children on the occasion of his last Children’s Day celebration as President, Buhari emphasized the significance of children as the future leaders of Nigeria.

He encouraged them to be good citizens before assuming leadership positions, highlighting the responsibility they hold in shaping the country’s destiny.

President Buhari reminded the children that the destiny of Nigeria rests in their hands.

He urged them to foster honesty, patriotism, and unity, emphasizing that a peaceful and prosperous nation is built upon these values.

Buhari affirmed his confidence in the new generation, stating, “I am privileged to be standing in front of a new generation of future citizens and leaders to whom we hope to bequeath a country they can be proud of and a country they will take higher in the comity of nations when it is their turn to serve their fatherland.”

Expressing gratitude to the children for their presence, President Buhari concluded his speech by reaffirming a statement he made over four decades ago: “We have no other country but Nigeria. We will stay here and salvage it together.”

He reiterated his commitment to working with the young generation to build a great nation.

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