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Sudan Evacuation: ‘This Is Barbaric And Wicked’ – Group Reacts To Viral Video Of ‘Stranded’ Igbos



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An Igbo youth-based group identified as Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) has described the alleged abandonment of Igbo indigenes in Sudan during an evacuation exercise as barbaric and wicked.

Naija News understands that the group’s reaction follows a viral video that circulated on social media showing Igbo indigenes in Sudan stranded, while one of the indigenes narrated how they (Igbo) were asked to alight from the flight for Nigerians of other extraction.

In the said video, the Igbo indigene begged Igbo billionaires to come to their rescue, while also appreciating the owner of Air Peace Airline, Allen Onyema for donating his planes for the evacuation.

Speaking in Igbo, the man said: “You cannot blame Allen Onyema, because he has donated his aircraft, and does not know that he brothers are being abandoned in the evacuation exercise.”

However, the group has accused Chairman, Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa of being behind the alleged act.

According to the group in a statement signed by its leader, Goodluck Ibem, the act of abandoning Igbos to be stranded in the war-ridden Sudan is a “wicked and barbaric” act against humanity.

I am submitted that “This is barbaric and wickedness of the highest order against humanity and we condemn it in its entirety.

“It is very unfortunate and regrettable that Abike Dabiri-Erewa who is paid by taxes Payers money which Igbos are among those paying the taxes through which she receives her salaries and allowances will segregate against the same people contributing for her salaries and allowances. This evil and unpatriotic act against fellow Nigerians which she was employed to serve must never go unpunished.

“Abike has committed a national and international crime and we demand her immediate sack, arrest and prosecution without any delay. She is a national embarrassment to the nation and she should not stay a day longer as Chairman of NIDCOM.

“We are aware that her major evil plan is to ensure that all Igbos stranded in Sudan are killed which is why she chased those innocent Igbos out of the rescue bus, but her plans is dead on arrival.”

The group, however called on group Onyema and the minister of foreign affairs to intervene in the matter to ensure that the aircraft sent to Sudan takes all Nigerians.