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UEFA President Ceferin Says All Clubs Want Salary Cap Rule




All clubs agree that a salary cap should be implemented in European football, according to Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin.

Ceferin claimed to have discussed the issue and the potential for enacting such a law with the European Commission.

The notion of a salary cap in football was discussed in March between the organization that oversees European football and Fifa president Gianni Infantino.

In his chat with US media outlet Men In Blazers, Ceferin said, “Surprisingly, everyone agrees.

“Big clubs, small clubs, state-owned clubs, billionaire-owned clubs, everybody agrees.”

He added, “In the future, we have to seriously think about a salary cap. If the budgets go sky-high then our competitive balance is a problem.

“It’s not about the owners, it’s about the value of the competition, because if five clubs will always win then it doesn’t make sense anymore.

“But it has to be a collective agreement – every league and Uefa. Because if we do it and the other leagues don’t, then it doesn’t make sense.

“I hope it can be made as soon as possible.

“For now, we have the new rule after 2024 that you can spend up to 70% of your revenues for salaries and transfers, but that’s not enough because if your revenues are five billion, 70% is quite a lot.

“So this is the future here, and I’m not afraid of the club owners being too powerful or anything. Uefa is leading the European competition and we have great relations with the European Club Association now.”

The USA Could Host the Champions League final From 2026 according to Ceferin

Ceferin was unanimously elected to spend a third term as Uefa president in April. He will stay in that position till 2027.

In a chat with Men In Blazers about the possibility of hosting the Champions League final in the United States, Ceferin said that although he couldn’t completely rule it out, the prospect wouldn’t come to pass until at least 2026.

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“We have started to discuss that, but one year it was the World Cup, 2024 is Euros, this year [the final] is in Istanbul, 2024 in London, and 2025 is Munich and after that, let’s see. It’s possible,” he said.

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