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PFA Disagree With UEFA Over Plans To Limit Players’ Earnings




The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) has disagreed with UEFA over the plan to place a limit on how much players can earn at their various clubs.

Earlier today, Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin said in an interview that “all clubs” have agreed to introduce a salary cap in football which could help control the “outrageous wages” players earn nowadays.

Ceferin stressed that both big clubs and small clubs agreed that limiting the earnings of footballers is the way forward for the game.

Ceferin’s assertion came over a month after Fifa president Gianni Infantino spoke about the possibility of a salary cap in March which means that the plan could be holistic. That is, not just for players in Europe.

In reaction to the development, PFA, an association with over 5,000 members that fights for the rights of professional footballers across the world, argued that footballers won’t be happy over the proposed salary cap rule.

In a statement issued hours after Ceferin’s proposed wage cap rule went viral, PFA chief executive Maheta Molango stressed that the plan is not the solution contrary to the assertion of the UEFA president and the purported clubs behind the plan.

“[Players] need to be treated as the most important stakeholders and central to these conversations,” the PFA chief executive said on Wednesday, April 26.

“When players read that ‘everyone agrees’ with capping their wages, I think they will rightly be angry.

“Without proper engagement or consultation, players are continually being asked to play more and more games. New competitions are being created and existing tournaments are expanded. ( These all generate more money within football.

“Capping the wages of those who create the ‘product’ that others continue to benefit from is not a solution to ensuring better financial management by leagues and clubs.

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“Football’s leaders are quickly going to create a real problem if they continue to treat players like this.”

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