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NPFL Slams Wikki Tourists And Sunshine Stars With Fines





The Interim Management Committee of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) has penalized Wikki Tourists and Sunshine Stars FC of Akure for violent conduct during their league matches on matchday 13.

After their 2-1 home loss in the NPFL on Sunday, Wikki Tourists acted violently with match officials and Bayelsa United officials. As a result, three points were deducted from their accumulated points.

Also, the league body deducted Wikki Tourists’ three goals, fined them N2.5 million, and ordered them to play the rest of the season behind closed doors.

According to a summary jurisdiction notice written by Davidson Owumi, the Head of Operations of the Interim Management Committee, Wikki Tourists was found to have violated Rules B8.21, C11, B13.52, and B13.18 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.

Wikki, which is in trouble, now has nine points instead of the 12 it had after three victories and three draws because of the points deducted.

Similar to this, the IMC fined Sunshine Stars N1 million for having insufficient security during their Sunday 1-1 draw with Enugu Rangers.

The club was found to have failed to exercise effective crowd control as its supporters interfered with the game by throwing objects onto the field and aiming them at players and match officials, according to the IMC’s analysis of the match officials’ report.

The club stands the risk of having the stadium closed to spectators if the infraction reoccurs.

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