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UFC 287: Adesanya Vows To Revenge Against Pereira




Nigerian kick-boxer, Israel Adesanya has admitted that UFC 287 is his last chance to exact revenge on Alex Pereira who has defeated him twice in his career.

The Brazilian defeated Adesanya in their rematch for the UFC middleweight championship last year, making it the second successive time he has done so in kickboxing.

In their most recent fight, Pereira was losing to Adesanya on the scorecards until the Brazilian upped the aggression and forced a stoppage in the fifth round.

After losing to the Brazilian again, Adesanya, who had never lost in the middleweight category until last year, has a third chance to reawake his kickboxing career against the Brazilian on April 9.

The rematch will take place in Miami, and Adesanya, who had previously seemed to be the focal point for most kickboxers, is now ecstatic about the chance to hunt rather than be hunted.

While speaking on his YouTube channel ahead of the bout, the Nigerian kickboxer said he and his coach, Eugene Bareman, have a change of mentality towards his subsequent games.

“I’m hunting, and I mean that in every sense of the word,” Adesanya said.

“The mindset is different, definitely. Even Eugene and I are on the same page. The mindset is definitely different.

“I like it because it puts it all on me, and it’s kind of poetic in a way. One life: Roll the dice.

“This is my last shot, and I’m going to give it all I’ve got in every sense of the word.”

In an interview with Time For Sports, Adesanya’s coach Bareman, acknowledged the prowess of Pereira, describing the Brazilian as one of a kind.

He said: “One of the hardest things in the sport is to fight someone like Pereira. People like him don’t really exist.

“In your fighting career, you will fight one or two guys like that. One George Foreman, one Mike Tyson.

“If you’re lucky you’ll fight one of them. It is one of the hardest things to do in the sport because even though you see many clear paths to victory, they have a special gift. And that special gift is powerful.

“The ability to take you out with one shot has to be respected and is a superpower that not everybody has.

“So I understand the magnitude of what we’re trying to do and we’re up for the challenge.”