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That Same Evil Bird That Sang In The 60s Is Singing Again – IPOB Warns Of Plot To Pitch Igbos Against Yorubas




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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called on the Igbos in the southwest especially in Lagos State to be vigilant.

Naija News reports the separatist group warned that Igbos should be careful in the region because there is a plot being hatched to use Igbos against Yorubas in Lagos State and the southwest in general.

The group said the same evil bird that sang in the 60s Is singing again, but now people are wiser.

The caution follows the burning down of some shops at the Akere Spare Parts Market, Olodi-Apapa in the Ajegunle area of Lagos State.

After the fire incident, several quarters have claimed that it’s a plot to pitch Igbos against Yorubas in Lagos and the southwest.

Sharing the same view, the IPOB in a statement issued by its spokesman, Emma Powerful appealed to Igbos in Lagos and the southwest to defend themselves against all forms of ethnic agenda.

The group pleaded with the Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Yoruba traditional rulers, Afenifere leaders and Gani Adams to stop the attacks on Igbos.

It called on Yoruba leaders to stop those trying to ignite an ethnic war in Lagos State and the southwest in general.

IPOB submitted that “IPOB is urging Ndigbo and Biafrans in general resident in the Western region Nigeria particularly in Lagos, to be very vigilant and be prepared and ready to defend themselves and their businesses against thugs and criminals if the Nigerian security apparatus is incapable of or unwilling to protect them.

“That same evil bird that sang in the 60s is singing again. Fulani cabals rigged the 2023 election to set Ndigbo up against the Yorubas. But we are so much wiser now, and we hope that Yoruba people will not fall into the script of the Fulani caliphate. The political thugs and criminals hired to terrorise and burn down properties belonging to Ndigbo should know that they have no monopoly on violence, hence, must be prepared to receive at least as much as they give.

“IPOB is urging the Lagos State Governor, Yoruba Traditional rulers, their opinion moulders, politicians, Afenifere leaders particularly Gani Adams to do all that is necessary to stop these criminals and their sponsors in their track to avoid igniting a fire that will pitch us against each other while the Fulani Caliphate is standing on the sideline laughing at us. These thugs must be compelled to desist from further attacking and bullying Ndigbo that are doing their legitimate business in Lagos.

“Lagos government should know that 2023 is not 1993 and Igbos will defend themselves against these criminals with whatever means is available to them.

“We are making this request in good faith so that tomorrow none should wake up to tell the story from the middle that Ndigbo is fighting their host community.

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“The leaders and elders in Yoruba land should call the criminals terrorising Igbos and their sponsors to order before things degenerate into dangerous and unimaginable dimensions. Igbo leaders and Traditional Rulers should equally speak out to their Yoruba counterparts. Nobody should blame Ndigbo and the youths for defending themselves against ethnic cleansing and impoverishment agenda.