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Apostle Suleman Reacts As Nigerian Politicians Beg For Votes




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Nigerian controversial pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has reacted to the new trend of many Nigerian politicians going about to beg electorates for votes.

Naija News reports that following the unexpected massive votes that the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, polled during the election, which also allowed some unpopular politicians to get elected into National Assembly positions, many politicians resorted to begging Nigerians for votes.

In a post shared on Instagram, Suleman pointed out that naturally politicians will never act in such a manner but Nigerian youths have changed the narrative, forcing them to go about soliciting votes.

The clergyman also prayed for youths who have taken the pain amidst the current economic situation to ensure that a new Nigeria is birthed.

According to him, the country has never had it so bad that citizens do not have access to their money, stressing that God is aware and will send light at the end of the tunnel.

Suleman added that he can never support any candidate of the current government that has forced Nigerians into the current harsh period.

He said: “I see many elders going about begging for votes… this is what they would naturally never do… God bless you Nigerian youths for changing the narratives. The youths I am talking about know themselves.. not those still endorsing leaders that put us in this current mess..

“I know this period is harsh, terrible, and turbulent for Nigerians. I see hunger everywhere, people can’t access their own money. Nigeria has never had it this bad.. Be assured, God is aware and will send light at the end of this tunnel.. How you know mentally unstable people is that their only response to an opinion is insulting.

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“If invectives are all you have to offer, it shows you are empty. Present a superior argument, and engage with more cogent propositions. I will never support those who put Nigeria in this mess”