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Lagos Labour Governorship Candidate’s Wife, Ifeyinwa Attacked On Social Media




Ifeyinwa Aniebo, the wife of Labour Party(LP) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has come under attack on social media.

This is coming after old tweets of Ifeyinwa’s pro-lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) views surfaced on social media.

Naija News understands that Nigeria has strict laws against homosexuality.

In January 2014, Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Jonathan, signed a bill prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage into law.

The law criminalises public displays of affection between same-sex couples and restricts the work of organisations defending gay people and their rights.

It also imposes a 14-year prison sentence on anyone who enters into a same-sex marriage contract or civil union and a 10-year sentence on individuals or groups, including religious leaders, who “witness, abet, and aid the solemnisation of a same-sex marriage or union.”

In one of Ifeyinwa’s tweet, she had condemned the law, saying it is one of the ‘dumbest’ decision by the federal government of Nigeria.

In another tweet, she talked about the queer persons she encountered and have been interacting with.

Following her tweets on gay rights, the molecular geneticist came under heavy criticism, as many pro All Progress Congress (APC) supporters condemned her for nurturing such a views despite being african.

@ApcDefender wrote: “Lmaooooo. Lagos will not be the testing ground for Biafla and LGBT madness!”

DgREatFiSh CITY BOY  wrote: “Ahhhhh wahala wahala wahala.. One [email protected] what this rookie to rule Lagos. Awon Alalee Ile Yoruba ma binu si yin..”

Demmy Of Lagos :Wait na incoming first lady be this abi they Don hack her twitter account.”

JADE wrote: So you want your husband to become the governor so you can legalize gay and lesbianism in Lagos state, your plan to destroy our cultural beleif and value will never come to pass, go back to the eastern part of the country and preach about gay to your legislators.”

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