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2023 Election

Alex Ekubo And IK Osakioduwa Address Nigerians Ahead Of Saturday’s Elections




Nigerian celebrities, Alex Ekubo and IK Osakioduwa have joined their voices in addressing Nigerians ahead of the Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled for Saturday, February 25.

Ahead of the election, Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo lamented that many people had rifts with their family members and friends due to opposing political views.

While urging Nigerians to prevent strained relationships due to the forthcoming election, the actor wrote on social media: “People are losing friends & family over political ideologies. Just remember that whenever you are in need & want support, you will need friends/family & not government”.

On the other hand, radio and television personality, IK Osakioduwa, urged Nigerians to protect their votes during Saturday’s presidential and National Assembly elections.


The famous television personality asked voters to stick around so that their mandate wouldn’t be stolen.

Osakioduwa noted that while certain parties could afford to station a big number of agents at various polling stations, others would have to rely only on the general public to fill the void.

Hence, he encouraged voters to remain at their respective polling units after casting their votes to ensure that every vote was counted.


“Some parties have enough polling agents to ensure that they are not cheated. Some parties only have us to stand for them”, he wrote via social media.

“I will be at my polling unit from when it opens till it closes.

“We will count votes together. We will ensure they are recorded. Do that in your polling unit.”