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2023 Election

2023: Jonathan Opens Up On What He Expects From Nigerians In Choosing Preferred Candidate


2023: Jonathan Opens Up On What He Expects From Nigerians In Choosing Preferred Candidate

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has described the forthcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria as a moment of truth and courage.

This is as he urged Nigerians to vote for their preferred candidates in the interest of the country, not based on any sentimental consideration.

Jonathan also emphasized the need to respect the choice of other people which may be different from one person to another as citizens head to the polls.

The former President, therefore, urged Nigerians to avoid all forms of violence as they head to the polls on Saturday to elect the next leader for the country.

He told politicians to eschew hatred and violence, be circumspect in their actions and work towards consolidating the nation’s democracy.

“To all citizens, this is a moment of truth and courage. Democracy has put our fate in our hands. It has given us power, the power to make the right choices, determine our future, and shape our destiny.

“I urge you all to make your respective choices in the best interest of our land. Let us make our choices peacefully and respect the choices and rights of others.”

Message To The Youths

The former President told Nigerian youths to remember the future belongs to them and avoid being lured into violence and thuggery. He urged them to be defenders of the nation in the 2023 election.

“The future belongs to you; do not allow yourselves to be used as agents of destruction and violence. Nigeria is yours to build. This election provides you with the opportunity to be key partners in the nation-building process by electing leaders of your choice; those you can hold to account, those you trust to defend your future and guarantee unity, peace, and prosperity in our great country,” he said.

Don’t Derail Democracy

Jonathan further noted Nigerians must remain patriotic and avoid any act that can affect the peace and progress of the country or truncate its democratic process.

He said, “It is a time that requires us all to exercise the highest form of patriotism in our nation-building journey and collective quest for peace and progress. Let us approach this election with devotion, dedication, and selflessness, by ensuring that we don’t jeopardise our country’s peace and unity as we exercise our franchise and pursue our political dreams and aspirations.”

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Cautioning against violence, Jonathan urged Nigerians to learn from the cases of West Africa nations that had witnessed “a crisis of democracy that has led to unconstitutional change of governments, which has derailed their democratic quest for peace and development.”

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