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Cristiano Ronaldo Earns £278,000 After Failed Rape Charges




Cristiano Ronaldo will receive £278,000 from Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney as compensation for an alleged rape scandal that supposedly occurred more than ten years ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo came under media criticism after allegations that he had assaulted Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel surfaced in 2009.

The victim refused Ronaldo’s offer of an out-of-court payment of about £275,000, according to Mayorga’s attorney, and eight years later, she chose to pursue criminal charges against the footballer in a bid to recoup millions of euros.

However, Kathryn Mayorga suffered a serious setback in July of last year when a US Court dismissed her appeal as a result of how she had gathered the evidence for her claim.

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent more than £500,000 to pursue the case to a logical conclusion. Amidst that, he has continued to defend his innocence and lamented how the allegation has affected his family and reputation.

It appears the former forward for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus has been vindicated in light of the most recent court decision.

According to The Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo will be paid £278,000 by the lawyer of his alleged rape victim for acting in “bad faith”.

Leslie Stovall, the attorney for Kathryn Mayorga, was directed by Jennifer Dorsey, the US Judge who handed down the ruling, to personally present the money to Ronaldo.

The majority of the fees and expenses that Ronaldo incurred in this lawsuit, in the Judge’s opinion, would not have occurred if it weren’t for Stovall’s poor faith.

The judge further charged that Stovall’s use of stolen documents revealing conversations between Ronaldo and his attorneys concerning the rape claims tainted the case “beyond redemption.”

He did, however, criticize Cristiano Ronaldo for the protracted nature of the case.

At the time the rap scandal started, Kathryn Mayorga was 25 and Cristiano Ronaldo was 24.

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While on vacation in the United States with his brother-in-law and cousin in 2009, the former Manchester United forward met Kathryn Mayorga in a nightclub. After the meeting, Ronaldo was charged with rape which has now been cleared.