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This Is An Unwarranted Assault – Dunamis Centre Blows Hot, Replies Man Demanding Refund Of Tithes




The Dunamis International Gospel Centre has replied a man identified as Maazi Chukwudiaso Onyema who recently demanded a refund of all the tithes he has paid so far from the church.

In a video that went viral, Onyema claimed he was not in the right frame of mind when he paid his tithes, alleging that he has been suffering financially despite tithing.

Onyema said “I’m hungry, give me my tithe back”, and explained that he joined the church in 2008 and has been paying his tithes.

However, in response to Onyema’s plea, one of the regional overseers, Pastor Ezekiel I. Pius via his social media page, shared a lengthy write-up tagged “IN RESPECT OF THE MAN DEMANDING THE REFUND OF HIS TITHE.”

Onyema was advised by the cleric to seek help from the church and not try to blackmail the church of God and giving channels approved by the Bible

He maintained that God is too big to depend on man, adding that no genuine church depends on the resources of man to function.

The post reads, “The church of God is God’s embassy representing the Kingdom of God on earth.

“The church exists to spread the good news of God’s Kingdom, and demonstrate God’s love and goodness to mankind.

“The church is therefore an agency for the administration of God’s welfare package to humanity.

“Every genuine church exists to give and not to take, to help and not to hinder, to enrich and not to impoverish, to feed and not to starve her members.

“In the same manner, the instructions of God as contained in the Holy Scripture are for the profit of man. God instructs us to our profit (Isaiah 48:17).

“No teaching of God’s Word by a genuine pastor is intended to extort money from people or cause losses to them.

“Furthermore, the earth and the riches thereof belongs to God (Psalm 24:1).

“The people come to church to be helped spiritually, physically, emotionally, materially, financially, maritally.”

He also slammed Onyema for calling out the church in the media, saying that it is an unwarranted assault on the church.

He further stressed that the consequences may be too grave for him to bear, except if God’s mercy intervenes.

“It is therefore preposterous, callous, and devilish for someone to call out a church in a media for the refund of tithes allegedly paid willingly and not by coercion. This is an unwarranted assault on the church.

“It is the height of insanity and foolhardiness, and the consequences may be too grave for him to bear, except for the mercy of God,” he said.

He Can Be Assisted By The Church

Pastor Ezekiel also noted that the church can extend an helping hand to the man, even though he was not a christian, saying that the church could ask for his tithe before helping him, if he truly were a member.

He said, the general overseer and the church are known for their philanthropic endeavors, listing the names and students that have enjoyed from the innumerable benefits.

He queried the man for taking to social media to vent his grievances without first approaching the church for assistance.

He continued saying, “Think twice before you join him to blackmail the church. This is not the time to vilify the church and men of God. The church remains the greatest source of hope and inspiration in our nation today.

“The man genuinely needs help, let him retract his statement, seek forgiveness from God and approach the church for assistance.

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“The church can assist him, not only financially, but in rescuing him from earthly and eternal damnation by restoring his sanity and spiritual health.”