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Video: Reactions As Bank Hides New Naira Notes In Vault Amid Scarcity


Video: Reactions As Bank Hides New Naira Notes In Vault Amid Scarcity
New Naira Notes hiding in bank volt

A video has surfaced on the internet showing how an unnamed bank hid new Naira notes in their vault.

Naija News reports that since last week, bank customers, traders, marketers, and the general public have been in a tussle to get the newly redesigned N1000, N500 and N200 notes across the country.

The untold hardship had come on citizens following a deadline by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for swapping the old denominations for new ones.

Amid lamentations by Nigerians, however, the viral video obtained by Naija News on Saturday evening showed how the new notes were hidden behind old notes in the bank whose name is not made public yet.

In the video, bank workers could be seen withdrawing some old notes from the vault to reveal the hidden new notes from where they were stacked from behind.

An official could be heard in the background of the video demanding that the new Naira notes she had seen be loaded into the banks’ Automated Teller Machines (ATM) so that customers could have access to money.

Watch the viral video clip below:

Naija News reports that the video has generated a barrage of reactions on social media as netizens condemned the act by the unnamed bank.

See some of the reactions below:

indulgecloset wrote on Instagram: “Why are we wicked to ourselves like this? Is it Buhari that has hidden these new notes???

tonero1979 – “This is the only reason I agreed with Buhari that change needs to begin from is the citizens. Greed and lack of love is the greatest problem of Nigerians.

abiebhodeemmanuel – “The problem has never been the cbn, but the deposit money banks. Agreed, the CBN sent lesser than the used to , but that should have been enough on the ordinary, except for the greed of bank managers who run pos points left , right,centre as well as service politicians at home to enjoy cuts and interest on delivery.

abbyameh – “So it’s the banks causing the chaos and not really the govt.

mazi_buchioffical – “What is wrong with Nigerians why are they happy seeing people suffer meanwhile they have the new notes are they going to eat this money? They should be sanctioned big time so that so that others will learn a lesson.

iam_chinyere_alor – “were there is no rules nd regulations this is what happens take for example ur school or company if principal or CEO do not do d needful d school or d company will destroy bad Government has destroyed Nigeria no rules nd regulations survival is wat is happening right now.

thefoodnetworknig2 – “Everybody na kuku tiff for Nigeria, plus the madam wey carry phone light dey inspect. All of you have hidden notes and God wee pun*sh you all for causing hardship for Nigerians.

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babzz – “Have it in mind that this is just one out of the numerous odd acts from most bank Managers and hence allowing Compatriots so tense, angry, frustrated and at the end of the day, we blame devil……. Believe Me, before this Nation gets to move in the right direction, the citizens therein must be ready to do everything the right way. Hopefully the nation grows.”

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