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Ortom Blames APC For Hoarding President Buhari, Says Nothing Comes To Benue



The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has come out to blame the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for keeping President Muhammadu Buhari away from him for four years.

According to him, for four years he was blocked from gaining President Buhari’s audience and it has cost his state a lot.

Naija News reports that the governor told Vanguard that he has been denied a lot of things that were supposed to come to Benue but nothing comes to the state all thanks to the APC in the state.

He advanced that “I have not seen the President for four years, they have blocked me and I said fine, let me stay and do my work because I was not elected by the presidency.

“I have been denied a lot of things that would have come to Benue state, nothing comes here.

“Those people who are against me and are working for APC, it is their shame because I expected that they didn’t want me to have any access to the President.

“Now that they have him alone, what have they attracted to Benue state? Nothing.

“When they are making appointments, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi, Plateau and others, nothing comes to Benue.

“But these are people from Benue here, who are living on crumbs and who have not performed and who have nothing to show when they were given power by the same Benue people they have not been able to impact on their lives.

“I challenge anyone to come out in all sectors of the economy in the state. I have projects that I have executed despite all the problems that I have.

“I sit among my colleagues who ask me, ‘My brother, are you not afraid of your life?’

“I said look, life belongs to God, the day God wants me to die, nobody will stop it. I cannot stop myself and it is only a fool that dies 20 times before his actual death.

“Otherwise a wise man should die once, when that time comes you cannot stop it and it happens. 

“So as far as I am concerned, I am not worried about the election. Look, being a senator for instance is not the issue but service. First things first

“The day I will stand before the judgment seat of God, God will ask me, ‘What did you do when you were local government chairman? What did you do when you were secretary of PDP? What did you do when you were deputy chairman? What did you do when you were a national auditor? What did you do when you were a minister? What did you do when you were governor?’ 

“And for me as a student of the Bible, the Bible teaches me to make use of the little I have because it depends on what you do with the little that has been committed into your hands. If you do well, you can be given more.”

Speaking about his attacks on the federal government concerning security, and about the crisis in the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ortom further noted that he has nothing to fear.

He said “There is nothing like having fear about winning an election or not winning the election. It does not really come in.

“I am doing the wish of my people, whatever you hear me speak and I have challenged them, I have consulted with them and I told them, ‘if I am not doing your wish, draw my attention, I will go back’.

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“This matter (security) that I have been branded a bad man by the presidency, if my people tell me that ‘Ortom this is too much please withdraw’, I will go back and apologise to the President.”

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